School Supply List 2017-2018


3rd Grade

A note regarding Case It binders: In grades 3-5th students will carry their binders from one class to another. Given we are in the cottages it is best to have a soft zip up binder to to hold papers and protect them from the elements. Some students come with very large binders which is not necessary. A one sided zip up binder is best. It will hold plastic folders, a composition book, pencils, erasers, and devices for those who carry take them to school.

1 x 3 ring heavy duty binder, zips around (Case It Binders-soft covered)

3 x Composition Book, Marble Cover, Wide ruled, 100 Sheets

3 x Plastic Folder, 2 pocket, with holes (they will go in Case it binder- one for homework, one for ELA, one for Math).

1 x Earbuds w/ Case (or in a ziplock back–with name on earbuds with sharpie)

2 x Eraser, Pink, Large

3 x Chisel Tip marker

4 x Glue Stick (minimum)

24 x Sharpened pencils

1 x Package of colored pencils, sharpened, 12/set

1 x 5” Scissors, Pointed tip

1 x Pencil case, 3 holes, 11” x 9” (many Case It binders have a built in pencil case which is perfect).

Wish list: If you are getting rid of plastic outdoor chairs/table we would love to have a sitting arrangement outside to take advantage of our “cottage living”. For our classroom store we would love some SUGAR FREE gum, peppermints (mentos), sparkling water, or baked chips.

As we embark on our new learning adventure in Language Arts there are some book titles we need to enhance our curriculum. If you would like to help with this task I’ve included the titles below. They are available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon (used copies are great too). Any help you can offer is appreciated.

  • Biblioburro: A True Story from Colombia, by Jeanette Winter
  • Breadwinner,  Deborah Ellis
  • Four Feet, Two Sandals, Karen Lynn Williams
  • Freedom’s School, Lesa Cline-Ransome
  • La Mariposa, Francisco Jimenez
  • My Name Is Sangoel, Karen Lynn Williams
  • Razia’s Ray of Hope: One Girl’s Dream of an Education, Liz Suneby
  • Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys, Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard
  • Who Is Malala Yousafzai? Dinah Brown